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Are you planning a corporate or fund raising event, a wedding, birthday party or other special occasion? Do you want to include cigars in that event but don't know how to go about it? Rain City Cigar can simplify this aspect of your event planning with our exclusive Cigar Concierge Service.

Our expert staff will assist you in selecting an appropriate mix of cigars from our extensive stock to meet the tastes of all of your cigar smoking guests, from novice to aficionado.

For your event we will provide two uniformed concierges to discuss the fine points of enjoying premium cigars with your guests. For beginners we can educate them on what premium cigars are, where they are from and how they are made. For the aficionados we are happy to discuss all things cigars including new brands and news from the world of cigars.

We can feature a display of how premium cigars are made, and what goes into the production of fine cigars. Many people are genuinely surprised to learn what an art cigar making really is.

For all; we will make recommendations from the cigars you select for your event; matching their tastes and experience to the appropriate cigar. We will also assist in the cutting and lighting process for all of your guests.

If you would like to learn more about booking Rain City Cigar's "Cigar Concierge Service", our selection of premium hand rolled cigars or custom labeled cigars for your event, please give us a call with some of the details. We will be happy to help make your special occasion memorable and successful!

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Hours: Monday - Friday: 9AM - 6PM • Saturday: 10AM - 5PM • Sunday: Closed

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The consumption of fine cigars and tobacco products is reserved for consenting adults.
Rain City Cigar does not sell to minors.
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